Everything you do with content is done within a workspace. When you create content or modify content definitions, it is all done inside of a workspace. Workspaces are isolated from one another so that different teams can make changes to things without stepping on each other's toes.

By default, there is a master workspace where everything happens. You can create new workspaces at any time.

When you create a workspace, Cloud CMS remembers the point in time when the new workspace was created. As you perform work within that new workspace, Cloud CMS tracks all of your changes and lets you review those changes at any time. That way, you can compare your workspace to the moment in time it was created - to see what changes were made.

When you are done making changes, you merge your workspace back. The changes are reconciled and pushed to the master workspace so that others can see them. Share and enjoy!

Each workspace brings together team members so that they can collaborate to achieve a goal.