Sync Multiple Nodes

ID: syncMultipleNodes

Syncs a node to a target location. If the node does not exist in the target location, it is created. If it is already created, it is updated. If the node was deleted or we are explicitly told to sync a delete operation, the node will be deleted at the target location.


Property Type Required Default Description
repositoryId text true The ID of the repository of the source node.
branchId text true The ID of the branch of the source node.
nodeIds array true An array of Node IDs to serve as the source.
targetRepositoryId text true The ID of the repository of the target parent node.
targetBranchId text true The ID of the branch of the target parent node.
targetNodeId text true The ID of the target parent node.
delete boolean false Whether to force deletion at the target.
includeAllAssociations boolean false Whether to include optional associations along with the sync of nodes.
allowWriteToFrozenBranches boolean false Whether to allow nodes to be synced to a frozen branch (ex. Your master branch is frozen when "Master Branch can ONLY be updated via Releases" is enabled)
contentIncludeRelators boolean false true Whether to automatically include any content relator associations (along with their target nodes).
optionalAssociationsMaxDepth integer false -1 Indicates the number of optional associations to crawl while traversing for inclusions. Any associations or nodes beyond this depth are pruned. You can use this to limit the depth of content relator associations to include. For example, a value of 2 indicates that the crawl should only crawl relator associations two levels deep.