Create a new Role

The Roles for a Project can be managed on the Roles page. For reference, here are the default Roles available:

Let's take a look at the list of the default roles:

Roles Description
Connector “CONNECT”
Consumer "CONNECT”, “READ”
Impersonator “IMPERSONATE”
Project Member “CONNECT”, “READ”

You can Create a new Role if none of the default roles meet your needs.

First Step is to create the Role

  • In your project, goto Manage Project and select Roles in the left nav
  • To Create a new Role click 'Create Role'

Second Step is to add Permissions to the Roles

  • Under Roles, click on your newly created Role
  • Select Permissions

List of Permissions:

Permission Description
CONNECT The principal can connect to a Permissioned. This permission supersedes all others. If not granted, the principal is not aware of the Permissioned and can perform no operations against it.
READ The principal can read the Permissioned.
CREATE_SUBOBJECTS The principal can create objects that are contained within the Permissioned.
UPDATE The principal can update the Permissioned.
DELETE The principal can delete the Permissioned
MODIFY_PERMISSIONS The principal can assign, revoke and modify permissions against the Permissioned.
GRANTAUTH The principal can assign impersonating around another principal. This is solely used for Authentication Grants as a means of describing who can create new grants for a principal.
MODIFY_CREDENTIALS The principal can modify the credentials for another principal. This is solely used to describe rights against Identities.
IMPERSONATE The principal can impersonate a target principal. As such, when the principal is signed on, they can take on the authentication credentials of the target principal.