Publishing brings together many parts of Cloud CMS to enable you to manage the lifecycle of your Content. Our Publishing is very configurable to meet your diverse needs. To help get you started we have a simple example showing a Publish and Unpublish mechanism between an Authoring Project and a Live project.

When Publishing is enabled in a Project you get:


workflow are meant as a starting point and may meet your needs. If you have more complex requirements you can also define your own workflow.

Lifecycle States

Preview Servers

or application at any branch or project thus enabling you to preview content throughout the publishing lifecycle - eg authoring, production.


Endpoints. These Deployment Endpoints may include Amazon S3 buckets, FTP servers, file system locations and Cloud CMS branches on the same cluster or running in a cluster located in another data center somewhere else in the world.


Selected Deployment Target and its Lifecycle State will change.

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