Cloud CMS is a Platform that serves content to your web sites and mobile applications. You can use it for a single project or for many different projects. Cloud CMS is provides a singular content backbone for your business.

You might choose to use Cloud CMS for a single web site. Or you may use it for many different web sites. Cloud CMS is multi-tenant in that it allows you to support the content needs of many different projects and many different customers all from a single place.

When you sign up for Cloud CMS, you choose a domain name such as This is the public web address from which your content platform is accessed. We host your platform within the Amazon AWS Cloud so that your content is available all around the world, 24x7.

This platform-approach makes it easy for you to grow into Cloud CMS without having to pay for things over and over again. A Cloud CMS subscription gives you the freedom to serve content for a single project and the move ahead to the next one. Furthermore, Cloud CMS makes it easy to copy content between projects. That way, you can reuse the investments you've made in previous projects within your new projects.