Version Control

Cloud CMS provides a changeset versioning system that captures every touch - every create, update or delete - that you make. It is inspired by Git and Mercurial which are popular source-control products within the software development world.

Nothing is ever lost. Every data operation is fully transactional with every transaction payload is fully captured into its own changesets. Transactions span multiple documents and full "units of work" are written into the changeset history with every operation.

In the end, the changeset history is fully descriptive of every operation and data change that has occurred. This allows you to snapshot the repository at any moment in time. Or to roll back or forward to a specific moment in time.

Content/Document Properties

All edits/changes are versioned.

Not only is "Published" content versioned, absolutely every change is versioned. A user can view, compare, or revert back to a previous version of the content. If multiple edits are made by multiple users to a single content item you can see who made what changes and if necessary revert to a particular change. Note: whilst a user is editing content a lock will be taken out so that nobody else can edit it until saved or cancelled.

Compare versions

Are content types versioned.

Everything is versioned


A release/workspace can be reverted to a previous release/workspace. Also, whilst working in a Release/Workspace all content in the release/workspace is versioned.


Note: there is a Publishing mechanism is Cloud CMS which can publish/unpublish content to deployment target. We manage the "state" of the content and, in addition, all content is versioned.