Fetches a list of content instance by first extracting a set of node id values from properties of a node. Useful when using _relators in a parent node and you wish to load all the resulting associated nodes in a single Dust tag.


parameter required description
list lost of nodes
key JSON "path" to the property containing the ID of the record to fetch
type the type of node to query for (definition QName)
sort the field to sort on
sortDirection the direction to sort in (either 1 for ascending or -1 for descending)
limit the number of records to return
skip a position to skip ahead to in the record set
scope if "page", then only relatives related to the current page will be returned
as specifies the name of the results variable (by default - rows)
field the name of a property to match against)
fieldRegex the match to run against the field)
fieldValue the fixed value to check against the field)
near geolocation coordinates to query around
locale the locale to use in retrieving content


The response is a JSON object representing the node. The exact properties contained here will be dependent on the properties of your content.


Example #1: Retrieve by Node ID

{@query type="test:homePagePromo" as="promos"}
    {@expand list="promos" key="promo.image.id" as="expandedPromos"}
            <div class="col-5">