The right content at the right time.

Securely deliver your company branding, messages and product information to customers in real-time with integrated approval and scheduled publishing. Publish hot fixes as needed and perform A/B testing of change sets to discover optimal impact to customer sales.

Full-site versioning and snapshot rollback allows you deploy and revert quickly and in real-time as customers utilize your applications, web sites or AI-powered recommendation engines.

Key Decision Factors

  • Deliver for Black Friday Sales

    Teams stage digital experiences ahead of time with instant preview and schedule deployment for Black Friday, Super Saturday and other annual key sales events.

  • Work in Parallel on Future Deliverables

    Editorial teams work concurrently on batches of changes with expedited hot fixes, while using visual tools to compare and cherry pick the best contributions for release.

  • Secure Rollback to Snapshots

    Every change is full-site versioned, allowing for instant rollback to a last known good state in the event that something needs to be adjusted or revised after launch.

The Problem

Seasonal sales events such as Black Friday, Amazon Prime days and the Christmas holiday shopping season play an important and critical role in revenue generation within the retail market. New product offerings and placement of those products must be communicated and delivered to applications and devices that power the consumer digital shopping experience. The timing and availability of those promotions are often dialed in to a specific release time (such as midnight on Black Friday itself) and operate for a window of time during which the product itself is made available.

Retail businesses must prepare for these events ahead of time by building out digital experiences that comprise the full set of pages, components and theme elements to support the buying process. Different experiences are needed for different products and different events, all of which occur sequentially and must be released one after the other (or even at the same time in a few cases). Editorial teams must carve out isolated spaces where they can build these experiences, test out the content on the app to see what it would look like, solicit feedback and obtain approval for their changes. The changes must then be scheduled and locked in for a specific release date and time.

Products and digital experiences are scheduled for release and retraction on specific dates. Once published, those assets are live until the retraction date. They are then withdrawn and replaced with new products and new experiences. At times, published batches may need to be withdrawn early and so editorial teams need the ability to quickly revert changes and roll back to a previous state. At other times, hot fixes may need to be introduced with expedited workflows for fast updates to live and in-progress experiences.

  • Black Friday

    Requires products to be updates on the sites and application regularly thoughout the Black Friday event

  • New sites, campaigns, planned launches

    Allow teams to collaborate for scheduled updates and launches (campaigns and/or major releases)

  • Testing and Preview

    Editorial Teams would like to be able to test out their changes to see what they'd look like on the live site (ahead of going live)

  • Approval

    New products and experiences need to be approved by managers and scheduled for batch release according to delivery requirements

The Solution

The Gitana Platform provides the content management, pipeline and delivery facilities to ensure that customers are engaged with the latest product and digital experiences to power sales conversions and revenue generation. The right content is delivered to the right customers, on-time, every time.

The following product features map perfectly to the needs of the retail sector:

  • Publishing

    Content can be created, edited and deleted and then scheduled for publishing at a future date. Scheduled publishing allows your content to "go live" automatically - merging your content changes back into the mainline.

  • Deployment Targets

    Gitana publishing lets you publish content from a source project branch to one or many destination Deployment Targets

  • Releases / Branches

    Separate branch for you to collaborate with your team on your changes. When approved, schedule and merge back into the Master branch

  • Resolution of merge conflicts

    Critical for working on multiple changes in parallel is the ability to resolve conflicts. Which update to keep when a conflict occurs. We have rules to automate the choice and we also have the ability to select which change to keep.

The Gitana Platform provides an ideal foundation for delivering content to impact customer decisions and power revenue generation in real-time.

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