Introducing Gitana 4.0

Create, Manage and Publish fresh, engaging Content in Real-Time!

Gitana 4.0 brings together the best elements of Content Management, Enterprise Security, Collaboration and Publishing.

It provides a unified platform that brings these elements together to empower your organization to quickly become aware to customer needs and respond to them with real-time and engaging digital experiences.

Read on to find out what is new in Gitana 4.0.


  • Enterprise Security

    Take advantage of Access Policy documents that centrally define permissions for users, groups and teams. Apply them uniformly across projects and the enterprise.

  • One Team working Together

    Streamline your content workflows. Empower editors to work on their own copies of content and then Cherry-pick the best ideas for approval, merge and scheduled publishing.

  • AI Automation and Sidekicks

    Automate content curations with AI integrations and ChatGPT. Sidekick chatbots optionally augment your editorial team. Assign them complex or repetitive tasks and converse with them for insights about your content.

  • Performance / Architecture

    Go Faster! Over 25% faster with instant branch creation and layered views. Support for multiple worldwide data centers means lower latency and SaaS-hosted compliance for GDPR and data co-location needs.

What's New

Gitana 4.0 comes with new features and improvements that improve the editorial experience and streamline your content production workflow:

Content Management 4.0

We've re-imagined the user interface. It's now faster and takes fewer clicks to get things done. It's also updated with all of the latest libraries and vulnerability protections. It's not only easy to work with but also fun at the same time.

Reimagined User Interface for Gitana 4.0
Reimagined User Interface for Gitana 4.0

Access Policies

Centrally manage security documents that describe the provisioning or revocation of permissions against your content based on configurable conditions, such as content paths or property key/value regex matches. Assign access policies to users, groups and teams across multiple projects and branches.


Manage Access Policies at the platform level and centrally direct their assignment to projects and teams. Or delegate those rights to individual projects to manage their own Access Policies (within their project only).


Write complex, multi-level conditional statements using boolean logic (such as AND, OR and NOT) that run equality and pattern matching (RegEx) against content properties, paths, types, features/aspects, QNames, IDs and more.

User, Group or Team

Assign Access Policies to users to bestow rights directly to individuals. Or assign to groups and teams to take advantage of inheritance and nested propagation of those authorities to group and team members.

An example of an Access Policy document in JSON
An example of an Access Policy document in JSON

AI Automation / Sidekicks

Automated assistants (Sidekicks) free up your team to be more efficient and more creative.

Automated Workloads

Sidekicks provide assistance at performing a lot of the repetitive tasks and heavy lifting. Once assigned a task, they perform the work in isolated branches and then present that work to you for further editing and approval.

Conversational Insights (with Citations)

Converse with your sidekicks about the content that you're working on. Ask questions and glean insights on specific content instances, sets of content, folders or even your entire branch of content. Sidekick provides citations to indicate from where within your content the answer was sourced.

Content Generation

Sidekicks utilize AI, including Generative AI and ChatGPT, to generate new and interesting content based on what you provide. They summarize documents, generate questions and answers, produce key insights, extract terms and bullet points and much more.

Sidekick answers a question about the contents of a document
Sidekick answers a question about the contents of a document

Content Workspaces

Workflow-driven content production means that you can work on future releases of content in parallel. No more stepping on each other's toes! Work on batches of new content in isolated workspaces and then submit for approval and merge into the release working set.

Track Changes

Every change is recorded, offering you a complete and perfect history of every modification to your content, by all users and across all branches. Changes are tracked and the user interface lets you navigate these changes to see how your content has changed over time.

AI, Automation and Overlays

As you work on content and save changes, AI services are configured to automatically sprinkle added-value metadata and structure onto your content, including automatically extracted labels, text and classification from images, desktop document formats, scanned handwritten elements and more. The user interface overlays this metadata, allowing your editors to understand their content and data more easily.

Cherry Pick the Best Ideas

Compare your workspace with the workspaces of your peers to push and pull content changes as you see fit. Side-by-side comparison lets you find out what changes are available and select what you want. Pick and choose at the best ideas with assisted merge to let everyone work freely and produce the best result.


As you work on content within forms, you work is automatically backed up. If your browser closes or your session times out, simply come back in and you'll be able to pick up where you left off!

Track Changes across documents and branches
Track Changes across documents and branches

Real-Time Publishing

Approve content, schedule it and get it out on-time, every time.

Scheduled Publishing

Approved changes can be published immediately or they can be scheduled for a future release date. Work on multiple batches of changes at once and schedule future releases concurrently or one after the other.


Published content is committed transactionally to target Gitana branches. Snapshot branches (similar to Git tags) allow you to mark points in time and quickly swap live branches or roll back to a last known good state in case of a deployment issue.

Deployment and Events

Fast, performance-optimized content deployment and replication, including changeset deltas and multi-stage deployment topographies. Push fresh changes to your APIs, applications, web sites, CDN distributions, S3 buckets, FTP servers, indexing engines or custom HTTP endpoints running anywhere in the world.

Reports and Verification

Verify the integrity and completeness of published content on your deployment endpoints using automatic checksums. Generate reports, check for broken links and quickly re-publish content that is in an invalid state.

Report on published assets and deployment state
Report on published assets and deployment state

Saved Searches

Build interesting and insightful searches that run against multiple branches and projects. Save them and share them among team members to provide efficient views of active content, things that need to be worked on and much more!

Citations and Highlights

Search terms and matching elements now highlight in search results and are further highlight in your navigated documents, allowing you to find the precise matching content instances, properties and text in your content.

Federated Search

Build Saved Searches that run against a single branch, multiple branches, multiple projects or across your entire platform. Results come back with unified scoring and pagination, making it easy to find whatever you're looking for.

Saved Searches with Filters and Layouts
Saved Searches with Filters and Layouts

Enterprise Scale

We've listened to our customers. Gitana 4.0 delivers the fastest and most powerful Enterprise Content Platform available on the market today.

Built to Perform

Gitana 4.0 is over 25% faster than its predecessor. We were fast then, but we're faster now. We've optimized internal caching and sped up critical code paths to turn requests around on a dime.

Enterprise Container Registry

An Enterprise Container Registry is now available to offer our customers faster releases using semver for clear and supported distinctions of major, minor and patch releases.

Multiple Regions Worldwide

Gitana is now available for hosted SaaS customers in US, Europe, and soon SE Asia.

Gitana Enterprise Container Registry
Gitana Enterprise Container Registry

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