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Generate and publish a vast amount of content related to their products and services, including descriptions of destinations, tours, and accommodations, pricing information, photos, videos, and customer reviews. Travel companies have customers from all over the world, and providing content in their preferred language is essential to deliver a seamless and personalized customer experience.

Unlock your business data to push your brand, messages and product information to customers in real time.

Key Decision Factors

  • Multilingual/Localisation

    Need to produce and deliver content in the multiple languages and locals to customers all over the world

  • Huge amount of content

    Relevant and related content needs to be available quickly on multiple sites and applications

  • Need to work with content from external sources

    Some content is maintained externally and used with your content and applications

The Problem

Travel companies face unique challenges in managing and displaying travel-related content on their websites and applications. Users need to create, manage, and update their websites and applications content efficiently and effectively which is further complicated due to the large quantity and the frequency of updates.

Travel companies often need to update their website and applications content frequently, such as prices, hotel and resort details, availability, and promotions. Need to easily update content in real-time, or scheduled changes, without requiring technical expertise. Therefore, keeping the websites and application up-to-date with the latest travel information, ensuring accurate and timely information for their customers. Content can be scheduled in advance, making it possible to plan change, for peak travel seasons or special events.

There are multiple stakeholders involved in managing customer facing content, such as marketing teams, product managers, and content creators. With Gitana, the collaborative features allows stakeholders to work together on content creation, editing, and approval processes. This helps in streamlining content workflows, reducing errors, and ensuring content accuracy.

  • Large amount of Content

    Dont under estimate the challenges of large datasets: performance, search, publishing, ..

  • External content needs to be imported regularly

    Some content may be managed and maintained externally. There is a need to import content frequently and integrate as required with your own content

  • Multilingual/Localization

    Need to work with multiple languages and locals

  • Many and frequent changes

    Critical need to update content frequently on customer facing websites and applications

The Solution

The Gitana Platform provides the content management, pipeline and delivery facilities to ensure that customers are engaged with the latest product and digital experiences to power sales conversions and revenue generation. The right content is delivered to the right customers, on-time, every time.

The following product features map perfectly to the needs of the travel sector:

  • Large amount of content

    Gitana provides scalable storage and bandwidth options, allowing travel companies to efficiently store and manage a large volume of content without worrying about capacity limitations. Robust search and retrieval capabilities, make it easy to quickly find and update content, regardless of its size or complexity.

  • Bulk import

    Gitana provides tools for mapping and transforming content during the import process, ensuring that content is properly formatted and structured for optimal use.

  • Multilingual and localization

    Built-in features for managing multilingual content and localization enable users to create and manage content, allowing for efficient translation and localization workflows.

  • Many and frequent changes

    The Gitana Platform offers a flexible and agile content management environment, allowing travel companies to make many and frequent changes to their content without disruptions. Versioning and revision history features, allow users to track and manage changes to content over time.

The Gitana Platform provides an ideal foundation for delivering content to the travel industry.

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