You can customize dashboard in Platform and Project. Find the "Config Dashboard" button at the top right area of the platform/project home page, and you will be able to customize dashboards for different pages.

In this example, we will customize the dashboard for Platform. In the following screenshot, there are 5 dashlets (My Projects, My Favorites, My Recent Edits, My Tasks, and Recent Activities). We can

  1. Change the layout
  2. Add/remove a dashlet
  3. Configure each dashlet
  4. Lock configurations

Change Layout

Change layout columns

Click "Change Layout" button, you can see there are multiple options for layout. The current one is highlighted with a darker border. Pick your favorite layout and click "Apply Changes" to save the modification.

Change the position of each dashlet

Want "My Favorites" to be on top? Easy. You can drag and drop each dashlet to change its position.

Drag "My Favorites" dashlet and drop it on top of "Recent Activities", you can see now "My Favorites" is in the second column, right in front of "Recent Activities".

Add and Remove a Dashlet

Add a dashlet

To add a dashlet, click "Add Dashlet Here". A wizard will pop up and you will be asked to select a dashlet type from the drop down list. Then you can name the dashlet as you wish.

Remove a dashlet

To remove a dashlet, simply click the "Remove" button on the dashlet.

Configure a Dashlet

Click "Configure" on any dashlet allows you to customize the title of the dashlet and the number of items to display in this dashlet.

"Reset Configuration" to throw out your modification of this dashlet and use the default configuration.

The Lock Feature

The above configurations have two levels -- user level and platform level (where managers usually have access to). On platform level, managers can lock the layout, the position of dashlets, and configuration for each dashlet. Locking prevents the customizations on user level.