Multiple Projects

A Project is a collaboration space where a team of users can work together on the creation, approval and publication of content. You invite people to projects using their email addresses.

You can create as many Projects as you'd like.

Once you've invited people to a project, they will be able to sign on to your Platform and work within that individual project. You can invite them to other projects as well. Within each project, they will have rights and access to things based on the Role that you assign them in that project.

You can use Projects for all kinds of purposes:

  • to review and publish articles to a web site
  • to create fresh content for an iOS, Android or other mobile application
  • to capture and archive desktop documents
  • to share files securely with others in a company

An Example

Suppose that you invite Jack to the "Product Catalog Web Site" project. You assign Jack the Editor role. This means that Jack will be an Editor when he signs in. The user interface will reflect this and show buttons and pages that help an Editor get things done. He will have rights to make changes to content, preview content and approve content.

Now suppose that you also invite Diane to the project. You give Diane the Consumer role. This means that Diane can view things but she can't make any changes. As such, the number of buttons and pages that she sees will be restricted. The user interface is a lot simpler for her. Better said, the user interface she experiences is optimized for someone who needs to find and view things.

You might then set up another project called "Inventory Mobile App". In this project, their roles might be very different! Diane might be a Manager in this project. This means she has full managerial rights over all aspects of the project. She sees far more buttons for things like inviting new collaborators and deleting things. Meanwhile, Jack may only have Consumer rights in this project. His view-only experience will be similar to what Diane's was in the first project.

So there you go, two American kids living the heartland. Collaboratin' with a chili dog.