Although having the ability to do a lot of stuff is great, sometimes too many things to do can be overwhelming. So we provide you with a way to configure menus on all the different pages. You can

  1. Customize menus to display
  2. Change menu titles

Customize Menus to Display

Here's a screenshot of "Manage Platform" page. On the left hand side, you can see a super long menu separated into two blocks: "MANAGE PLATFORM" and "DEVELOPERS", each with quite a few submenus.

An editorial manager may not want to see all the menus in "DEVELOPERS", guess what, you can go ahead and hide it!

Click "Configure Dashboard" button, then you can configure your menus here. Uncheck "DEVELOPERS", and maybe some other submenus under "MANAGE PLATFORM".

Click "Update" and go back to "Manage Platform" page, now the left hand menu looks lighter.

Change Menu Titles

You may want to change the menu titles to suit your own taste. Below is a screenshot of the platform home page.

Go to "Configure Dashboard", change menu titles by clicking the text.

Click "Update" and go back to the page, you see the changes are applied to the menus.