Modules Commands

The Cloud CMS command-line tool provides developers with a command-line driven mechanism that allows them to:

  • register and unregister user interface modules
  • deploy and undeploy user interface modules

User Interface Modules are deployed from public Git repositories (such as GitHub) and consist of AMD JavaScript modules. These modules contain JavaScript, HTML, CSS, a JSON configuration file any additional client-side assets that may be used (such as images).

For more information and to learn more, please see User Interface Modules.

This article provides some examples of common commands.


To list the registered modules:

cloudcms module list


To register a user interface module:

cloudcms module register --id <moduleId> --sourceType <sourceType> --sourceUrl <sourceUrl> --sourcePath <sourcePath> --sourceBranch <sourceBranch>

The moduleId should be the ID of the module as identified in the module's module.json file.

The sourcePath switch is optional. If not provided, the default is /. The sourceBranch switch is also optional. If not provided, the branch will be assumed to be master.

For example, to register the sample UI module, you could run:

cloudcms module register --id sample --sourceType github --sourceUrl --sourcePath /dist


To unregister a currently registered module:

cloudcms module unregister --id <moduleId>

For example, to unregister the sample UI module, you could run:

cloudcms module unregister --id sample


Once a module is registered with the Cloud CMS user interface, you can deploy it like this:

cloudcms module deploy --id <moduleId>

For example, to deploy the sample UI module, you could run:

cloudcms module deploy --id sample


To undeploy a deployed module, you can run:

cloudcms module undeploy --id <moduleId>

For example, to undeploy the sample UI module, you could run:

cloudcms module undeploy --id sample

Note that undeploying the module will not unregister it. It will still be registered such that you could call deploy to redeploy it.


You can also use the redeploy command to undeploy and deploy a module. If a module isn't already deployed, it will be deployed anew.

cloudcms module redeploy --id <moduleId>