Publications tell the system whenever content on the "master" branch goes into the "live" state, it should be pushed out to the deployment target.

Once you Add a Publication to the Project, the content from the Selected Branch will be published to the Selected Deployment Target and its Lifecycle State will change to Live.

To Add Publication:

  • Go to Manage Project Publication Settings
  • Click on Publications
  • Click on Add a Publication
  • Select the Branch whose content you wish to deploy to the Target.

  • The State that will trigger automatically after publishing will be Live.

  • The operation to perform on the contents can be Deploy or Undeploy. Deploy being the Default one.

  • From the Deployment Targets created Selected the target where you want to deploy the content and then Add Publication.

This action creates a Deployment Strategy and makes the Project ready to deploy from a Source Branch to the Deployment Target.