The Cloud CMS Application Server supports the collection of analytics information from your running web application. This analytics information is sent from the browser to the application server via web sockets. The information is then sent to Cloud CMS for consumption into a Cloud CMS data warehouse.

This capture and retrieval of analytics is called Cloud CMS Insight.

To use insight, you must first include the insight.js file into your application. You will also need to include which is distributed along with the Cloud CMS Application Server

<script src="/_lib/">
<script src="/_lib/insight/insight.js">

You should enable the Insight Service in your Application Server:

    "insight": {
        "enabled": true

A socket connection will be established between your browser and the Cloud CMS Application Server. Analytics information will be sent to the server with every click or interaction. The Cloud CMS Application Server will then send this information to the Cloud CMS API in the background, chunking the data transmissions for efficiency.