Data List Policies

Data List policies provide places where you can hook in behaviors that trigger when items within a data list are operated upon. When items are added to a data list, removed from a data list or updated, these policies trigger and may fire into your custom handlers.

The following policies are available:

Policy QName Description
p:beforeAddListItem Raised before an item is added to a list
p:afterAddListItem Raised after an item is added to a list
p:beforeUpdateListItem Raised before an item within a list is updated
p:afterUpdateListItem Raised after an item within a list is updated
p:beforeRemoveListItem Raised before an item is removed from a list
p:afterRemoveListItem Raised after an item is removed from a list

Method Signatures

The following method signatures apply for the policies mentioned above:


function beforeAddListItem(item, list);

public void beforeAddListItem(Node item, NodeList list);


function afterAddListItem(item, list);

public void afterAddListItem(Node item, NodeList list);


function beforeUpdateListItem(item, list);

public void beforeUpdateListItem(Node item, NodeList list);


function afterUpdateListItem(item, list);

public void afterUpdateListItem(Node item, NodeList list);


function beforeRemoveListItem(item, list);

public void beforeRemoveListItem(Node item, NodeList list);


function afterRemoveListItem(item, list);

public void afterRemoveListItem(Node item, NodeList list);