In Cloud CMS, a Project is an isolated workspace in which your team can collaborate on the production and publication of content. You can create as many Projects as you wish. Within each Project, you can:

  • Design your content model (types, features and associations)
  • Build out editorial forms for easy-content entry
  • Wire up "automagic" business logic consisting of Rules, Actions and Conditions to automatically do things like call out to web hooks, send emails or sanitize your data as editorial teams save their changes
  • Invite team members and assign them roles so that they can work together efficiently
  • Manage the lifecycle of content and move it through workflow for approval
  • Work on Release Branches and leverage Scheduled Publishing to automatically move content through QA, Staging and Production
  • Publish content with integrated Deployment to Amazon S3, FTP and remote Cloud CMS servers running anywhere in the world

You can use Projects in any way that you wish. Some Customers use Projects for build out content and provide their editorial teams with tooling that lets them work on content for, say, a mobile application. They might have one Project per web site or mobile application, like this:

Others might have multiple web sites or applications sourcing content from the same Project, like this: