QName: f:multilingual

When applied to a node, this indicates that you wish to have the contents of this node support multilingual behavior and translated content. This node then serves as the "master node" for translation support. Master nodes have a:has_translation associations to translation nodes that hold copies of the content (JSON and any attachments) in the target locale.

Marking a node as f:multilingual does not automatically produce translations for you. However, once marked, the Cloud CMS user interface will provide the facilities you need to do this sort of thing.

Nodes that are marked as f:multilingual will be localized upon retrieval. If you request a master node via the Cloud CMS API and request a chinese locale, for example zh-CN, the content returned by the API will be in Chinese.


There is only one optional property for multilingual master nodes and it is edition. The edition property allows you to have multiple translations for a master node and pick which edition of those translations should be served back.

This is really only for the most advanced cases, such as when you're bulk loading translation documents from an external source and want to roll them out piecewise or all at once.

In most cases, the edition property isn't required.

Property Type Default Read-Only Description
edition text 1.0 The active edition of any localized nodes to utilize.

Multilingual Example

    "title": "My Article",
    "_features": {
        "f:multilingual": {