Knowledge Sharing

QName: f:knowledge-sharing

Used to tag an association as to indicate that it "shares knowledge" between a source node and a target node. The source node is a node is a "knowledge space" and the target node is a "knowledge recipient".

An association marked with f:sharing-knowledge will be considered to be an association that knowledge properties may propagate down when changes are made to a knowledge space node.

By default, the a:child association which is used to mark relationships between parent folder nodes and child folder or file nodes has the f:sharing-knowledge feature. As such, if you create a parent folder and give it the f:knowledge-space feature and knowledge properties, those properties will automatically propagate down your a:child associations.

As a result, knowledge properties from the parent folder will be pushed down onto the folder's children. In turn, the folder's children will be marked with the f:knowledge-recipient feature.

In many cases, you won't have to do much with the f:sharing-knowledge feature since in many cases you'll find that the a:child association type is what you intend to use. The knowledge space capabilities of Cloud CMS work innately with folders and files and so that'll probably cover most of what you need.

However, if you decide that you'd like to use knowledge space capabilities across other kinds of associations within your content model, you are free to do so. Just make sure that your modeled association types have the f:sharing-knowledge feature applied to them.

In addition, make sure that your custom association or association types are marked as f:non-cyclic. This is to prevent cases where propagated properties end up looping back and spinning into a loop. Cloud CMS will block your attempt to mark associations as f:knowledge-sharing unless they are also marked as non-cyclic.


There are no configuration properties for this feature.