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Optimize your content production pipeline so that your changes are continuously curated, approved and connecting with your customers in real-time.

Deliver sharper content to API endpoints and to the smart Machine Learning models that power your customer-facing sites, applications, chatbots and intelligent AI services, including:

  • Sales Recommendations
  • Personalized Search
  • Classification and Taxonomy Services

Available as a cloud-hosted account or as a deployment within your own Kubernetes cluster.

Introducing Gitana 4.0

Introducing Gitana 4.0

Jun 2, 2023

We are pleased to announce the availability of our Gitana 4.0 platform to our SaaS and dedicated hosting customers.

One Customer at a Time

Our Platform

Content Management

Content Management

Be responsive to your market. Editorial teams use intuitive forms to quickly respond to change requests. Create, preview, approve and publish important content across environments, to CDNs and live environments for productive engagement with your customers.

Cloud CMS
Enterprise Data Engine

Enterprise Data Engine

A powerful platform for highly structured, complex relational content. Set up rules and automation, go full throttle with versioning and branches and implement fast, scalable workflows that save time and quicken your time to market.

Data Engine
Continuous Deployment

Continuous Deployment

Developers know the best tools and frameworks to build amazing apps and web sites. Our REST and GraphQL APIs, along with our library of drivers, machine learning pipeline integrations and SDKs, make it easy to coordinate preview, live deployment and smart endpoints into your release strategy.

Real Time Publishing

What is Gitana?

Gitana enables your organization to quickly create, approve and publish content to web applications, APIs, CDNs and machine-learning models anywhere in the world.

Our platform was built with a focus on the enterprise. At its foundation is an enterprise-class, private, secure and scalable data repository that brings to bear the lessons learned from the company's founders -- long-time veterans of the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industry.

As a result, Gitana offers compelling features that you simply will not find in other offerings -- such as audit records, enterprise access policies, an integrated BPM workflow engine, and robust worldwide deployment and Git-like branch-based workspaces (with the ability to fork, merge and cherry-pick changes).

Plug into a large library of automation services to enhance your data and speed up your content workflows. These include automated tagging, taxonomy management and translation services. Connect to machine learning providers to automatically train the ML models that power smart services for your live applications and APIs.

Gitana is available either as a hosted subscription (offered in the United States, Europe or Australia) or as a set of Docker Containers that you can run on-premise or host within your own private cloud. We provide sample configurations and guidance for installations that use Docker and Kubernetes on a variety of container hosts.

Gitana Platform

What makes Gitana unique?

Content Graph

The Content Graph

Everything is stored in a graph! Define your content model using content types, aspects and associations using inheritance, relators and validation logic on top of JSON Schema. Search, query or traverse content using the REST API, GraphQL or pick a driver from our SDK.

Intelligent Services

Intelligent Services

Wire in rules-based, event-driven business logic that runs as editorial workers make changes. Fire off web hooks, send emails, invalidate caches or take advantage of pre-built integrations to AWS, Azure, Google and others for OCR, Image Recognition, Text Analysis and more.

Any Kind of Content

Any kind of Content

Define structured content schemas and entry forms using our powerful, layout-driven Forms Engine. Upload desktop files including audio, video, PDFs, Office documents and more. Automatic text and metadata extraction, thumbnails, auto-translation and bulk importing.

Editorial Workflow

Editorial Workflow

Editing content is easy! Editorial users work with intuitive forms to make changes. Auto-Save prevents in-progress work from being lost. Every change is captured, letting teams compare and revert changes to any moment in time. Approve and Publish or Reject changes with a simple click.



Publish content with one click! Define your content lifecycle using our BPM Workflow Engine. Set up Scheduled Publishing to automatically replicate your content between Editorial, Staging and Live environments. Easily connect to CDNs, S3, HTTP and many more endpoints.

Full-Text Search and Query

Full-Text Search and Query

Everything is indexed for Full-Text Searcha and Query. Search for content using Elasticsearch or query for content using MongoDB for SQL-like query. Or traverse the content graph and pull back results using GraphQL. Fly fast over the wire using Pagination, Sorting and Field Limiting.

Git-like Versioning

Git-like Versioning

Capture everything! Our changeset-based, Git-like versioning lets editors work together at the same time without stepping on each other's toes. Merge branches, detect conflicts and resolve any conflicts using visual side-by-side differencing. Revert changes or cherry pick the best ideas.

Safe and Secure

Enterprise Security

Lock down access to your content to specific users, groups or teams. Grant roles and permissions on a per-object basis or as broad-sweeping, cross-project Access Policy documents. Use MFA and SSO to strengthen account assertion and automatically sync users.

Robust, Global-Scale API

Robust, Global-Scale API

Our API is built on elastic cloud-scale technology, letting you scale out for high traffic across multiple data centers. Use statefulsets in Kubernetes to easily spin up new pods with automatic peer discovery. Capture request and audit logs to Kinesis for Analytics Processing.

Hosted or On-Premise


Container / On-Premise

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