Object Field

The object field.


Title Object
Description Object field for containing other fields
Field Type object
Base Field Type container


Property Type Default Description
maxProperties number The maximum number of properties that this object is allowed to have
minProperties number The minimum number of properties that this object is required to have
properties object List of child properties.


Property Type Default Description
animate boolean true Up and down transitions will be animated
collapsed boolean Field set is initially collapsed if true.
collapsible boolean Field set is collapsible if true.
lazyLoading boolean Child fields will only be rendered when the fieldset is expanded if this option is set true.
legendStyle string button Field set legend style.
order number Allows for optional specification of the index of this field in the properties array.

Example 1

A simple object field. If you give Alpaca an object as it's data, it automatically figures out what to do and sets up both sub-fields for you.

{% raw %} {% endraw %}

Example 2

Here we provide a schema to go along with our data. The schema simply provides a bit more information about the two sub-fields, such as their type and labels.

{% raw %} {% endraw %}

Example 3

Here is a more complex example that provides the data, schema and options for all of the sub-fields of the object.

{% raw %} {% endraw %}

Example 4

Object field with schema, options and view parameter.

{% raw %} {% endraw %}

Example 5

Object field with default value.

{% raw %} {% endraw %}

Example 6

Object field with lazy loading option. The lazy loading option is useful for improving performance of rendering forms for large schemas.

{% raw %} {% endraw %}

Example 7

Object field rendered in display-only mode. The gender field is hidden.

{% raw %} {% endraw %}

Example 8

Object with a required field specified at the field level.

{% raw %} {% endraw %}

Example 9

Object with a required field specified at the object-level.

{% raw %} {% endraw %}

Example 10

Object that utilizes field-level order property to apply an order to child fields.

{% raw %} {% endraw %}

Example 11

Here is an example of an object field where we use a top-level layout and a nested override of the view to force the email address into display mode only.

{% raw %} {% endraw %}