Country Field

The country field.


Title Country
Description Provides a dropdown selector of countries keyed by their ISO3 code. The names of the countries are read from the I18N bundle for the current locale.
Field Type country
Base Field Type select


Property Type Default Description
enum array List of field value options


Property Type Default Description
allowDefaultNoneSelected boolean This is used for required fields, where by default no "None" option is available. Enabling this will allow the none option, and allow it to be initially selected (although this value will be invalid and must be changed before submitting the form)
capitalize boolean Whether the values should be capitalized
dataSource string Datasource for generating list of options. This can be a string or a function. If a string, it is considered S be a URI to a service that produces a object containing key/value pairs or an array of elements of structure {'text': '', 'value': ''}. This can also be a function that is called to produce the same list.
emptySelectFirst boolean If the data is empty, then automatically select the first item in the list.
hideNone boolean Whether to hide the None option from a list (select, radio or otherwise). This will be true if the field is required and false otherwise.
join function For multiple select lists. Defines a f(a) for how selected options should be combined into a single string. A split function should also be defined which reverses this function.
multiple boolean Allow multiple selection if true.
multiselect any Multiselect plugin properties -
name string Field Name.
noneLabel string None The label to use for the 'None' option in a list (select, radio or otherwise).
removeDefaultNone boolean If true, the default 'None' option will not be shown.
size number Number of options to be shown.
sort function Defines an f(a,b) sort function for the array of enumerated values [{text, value}]. This is used to sort enum and optionLabels as well as results that come back from any data sources (for select and radio controls). By default the items are sorted alphabetically. Don't apply any sorting if false.
split function For multiple select lists. Defines a f(a) for how data strings should be split into individual values. A join function should also be defined which reverses this function.
useDataSourceAsEnum boolean true Whether to constrain the field's schema enum property to the values that come back from the data source.

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