Cloud CMS Release 3.2.80

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.80 release.

Upgrade Considerations

Please review the upgrade considerations provided here:


Branch Merging

  • Improvements to the branch merge algorithm to enhance its ability to stitch together disparate sets of changes with a more complex changeset history. Solves for a number of cases that have to with nested sub-objects and subarrays being reordered and optimizes the number of resulting operations that need to be performed to normalize the different changeset histories.

Command Line Client

  • Added new commands for CRUD operations with stacks as well the assignment of data stores to stacks.
  • Improved command line support for switches with special characters.
  • Enhanced the --authcode switch to work for more cases (allows for a pre-acquired MFA verification code to be supplied).


  • Added more logging when an MFA provider’s verification call fails to help administrators diagnose provider configuration issues.

Project Creation

  • Improved the Project Creation facility so that it uses a background job that is now optimized to consume as little of the job queue as possible. This also eliminates an errant timeout issue which arose in the past when creating jobs from large archives.

User Interface

  • Faster user interface with fewer HTTP calls and more caching.
  • Improved the experience of working with Document Translations. Added a button to the edit document translations bar to make it easier to quickly add a new translation for the current document. Page routing now includes locale information so that the current translation is not lost on refresh or navigation.
  • Added the ability for the Content Types page to group content types hierarchically (such as /Components/Web). Supports expansion and selection of groups as well as content types. Content Type grouping can be defined under Content Definition > Paths.
  • Project Managers can now precisely specify the fields to be filtered on when using the Content Types or Documents page. Fields can be specified under Manage Project > Settings.

Bug Fixes


  • Fix to reduce tehe maximum size of the Active MQ client thread pool. This lowers the overhead associated with additional threads being allocated into the JVM to support ActiveMQ message dispatching.

Elastic Search

  • Fix to reduce heap allocation per iteration by reducing the driver default scroll batch size.
  • Fix to pagination to correct for a miscalculation of each iteration’s batch size for cases where limit is being applied.


  • Fix to prevent concurrent modification exceptions by introducing a thread lock when collection sets of paths.


  • Fix to prevent an exception from being raised for some permissible cases where a master node’s translation cannot be found.


  • Fix to ensure that platformId is assigned to spawned child jobs during project import to improve the facility of tracking and monitoring child job activities.


  • Fix to ensure that the Auto Merge Conflict resolution settings for Releases are considered and applied during dry run merges.

Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Fix to correct for some cases where users of code-based authenticators could be prompted multiple times for verification code entry.

Property Mapping

  • Fix to prevent an exception from being raised for certain cases where a prior transaction did not occur.


  • Fix to correct a bug whereby a route lock could be taken out but not released in a timely fashion during SSO login.


  • Fix to ensure that project exports will work consistently for cases where those exports contain multiple branches and one or more of those branches are in an archived state.
  • Fix to perform faster upload and download of large archives so as to prevent HTTP timeout of middle tier proxies (with low timeout settings).

User Interface

  • Fix so that the re-ordering or transition of items in an array or object does not errantly reset the full field value for cases where the schema of the underlying container object is dynamically faulted via a network connection.
  • Fix so that list-based controls do not briefly lose their CSS and visually flicker on click.
  • Fix so that modal popups no longer scroll the page upon completion or working with certain internal fields.
  • Fix to some CSS and image elements for the dark theme.

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