Cloud CMS Release 3.2.79

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.79 release.

Upgrade Considerations

Please review the upgrade considerations provided here:

New Features

ARM-64 Support

Word Count (f:word-count)

Reading Level (f:reading-level)

  • Added the f:reading-level feature that, when applied, automatically evaluates the reading level per text property (and across all text properties) for the given node using the Flesch-Kincaid scoring algorithm. For more information, see:


Analyzed Queries

  • Analyzed Queries now include project ID as a filter option.

Authorities / Permissions

  • Enhanced the diagnostics page for authorities and permissions to provide a more detailed explanation about why a principal might or might not be granted a specific permission or authority against a resource.
  • Faster team-permission checks for node query, find and search API calls.


  • Added a Branch Repair operation to automatically detect and fix duplicated QNames within a branch.
  • Added a Branch Repair operation to automatically detect and fix invalid QNames assignments within a branch.
  • Branch Repair utilizes bulk commits more effectively for faster operation.
  • Improvements to Branch Merge logic to be more efficient and less memory intensive.


  • Improvements to GraphQL service-level caching and request handling to be faster and use less heap.


  • Adjusted the default for mongodb.default.connectionsPerHost to 100.
  • Adjusted the default for mongodb.default.waitQueueMultiplier to 2.


  • Preview generation is now faster and less memory intensive with a stronger preference given to deferment to background jobs (instead of transformation on the live request).
  • Improvements to the underlying transformer libraries to provide faster and improved support for Office documents types and images with a particular emphasis on fast transformatons for large Excel/Spreadsheet documents.

Third Party Dependencies

  • Latest updates and security patches applied for Log4j, OpenOffice, Spring Framework, Spring Security and many other third-party libraries.

Search / Indexing

  • Added the elasticsearch.condor.connectionRequestTimeoutMs setting to allow on-premise users to calibrate the timeout so as to help prevent the Elastic Search connection manager from queueing up threads for cases where the Elastic Search endpoint is slow to respond or requests are otherwise timing out.
  • Elastic Search indexes now build in the background and swap into place gracefully with zero downtime even for cases where 1 or more documents may have failed to index (these errors are reported in the logs but the resulting index is retained).


  • Linked Relator Associations are now ignored on export for certain cases so as to reduce the overall manifest size on export.
  • Added a configuration option on toggle the forced export of relator associations for given related nodes.
  • Node transfer exports now use a paginated query handler to make the lookup of associations more efficient (to address a potential database-level timeout issue).

User Interface

  • Improvements to the /proxy route to allow for faster streaming of static assets, attachments and preview images.
  • Removed the none options for Rule Conditions.
  • Removed the Reindex Platform Datastore tool from the tools page (this functionality is available via the command line client).
  • The Analyzed Queries page now includes a time column and provides a Project Picker field for filtering by project.
  • Improvements to the Merge Conflicts page to reduce the number of API calls and simplify the user interface flow when retrying merges after resolving conflicts.
  • Updated the use of picker fields throughout the UI, including consistent use of Team pickers, Project pickers and more.
  • Improved the way that is utilized and the rendering of awareness icons.

Bug Fixes

Authorities / Permissions

  • Fix so that team policies work as intended for complex cases where multiple teams may define overlapping revokes and grants.

Branch / Merge

  • Fix so that merges complete successfully for a specific edge case that involved the resolved target node being in a deleted state.

File/Folder Service

  • Fix so that the merge of a document that has had its title changed will properly updates its path within the target branch for cases where the filename is not explicitly set but is being derived from the title itself.


  • Fix so that pagination is properly applied to find calls for certain cases involving specific field selection.


  • Fix so that GraphQL no longer throws branch initialization errors for certain cases where a branch is being faulted into memory in a distributed, multi-server configuration.


  • Fixed a bug where Branch Deployment Handlers were not properly registering themselves as a dependent of the Deployment Commit Handler job which resulted in some publishing jobs completing but marking themselves as having failed.


  • Fix so that domain principal importers work properly for cases where an older export might not include a full set of membership information.
  • Fix so that associations do not overwrite on import for certain cases involving child association types.

User Interface

  • Fix so that the UI server properly configures itself for Redis 4 support across all services (supporting multiple servers in the cluster but also multiple cores on a single machine).
  • Fix so that the Jobs page uses proper display colors and filters as intended when switching between Projet and Platform contexts.
  • Fix so that UI Wizards can no longer errantly duplicate cards when a user hits the back button multiple times in a very short interval.
  • Fix so that the Analyzed Queries page now paginates as intended.
  • Fix so that actions on the Document Versions page work as intended for all cases.
  • Fix so that the Avatar and Attachments fields no longer force regeneration of preview images (allowing for cache to be used more efficiently).
  • Fix so that the Platform and Project Activities dashlets properly reflect the target Branch.
  • Fix so that form buttons and toggles are disabled when a document is locked for concurrent live editing.
  • Fix so that lists render more accurately and reflect pagination information correctly for certain edge cases.
  • Fix so that the Branch/Release selector is more legible and reflects the intended background color for cases where branches/workspaces have custom colors applied.


  • Fix so that node version information is returned properly for older nodes that no longer conform to tip schema.

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