Cloud CMS Release 3.2.78

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.78 release.

Upgrade Considerations

Please review the upgrade considerations provided here:

New Features

Analyzed Queries

Queries that execute slowly against the underlying MongoDB database are now automatically analyzed and reported upon. Each analyzed query offers insight and recommendations on steps that should be taken to optimized performance.

An “Analyzed Queries” page is available within the user interface that allows managers to inspect slow queries.

Go Driver

We have a brand new Cloud CMS Go Driver for connecting your Go applications to Cloud CMS with ease! With it you can:

  • Quickly authenticate with the API server and make requests
  • Query and Create content through path traversal, Mongo DB, Elastic Search, and Graph QL
  • Create and Manage content nodes, associations, files, attachments, etc.
  • Manage branches, releases, and content versions

And more to come! Get started using the Go driver today by checking out some more examples in the Go Driver Cookbook.



  • Faster and more efficient distributed cluster messages with guaranteed ordering and priority of delivery.
  • Enhancements to the reliability of cluster-wide locks, caches ahd messaging topics.
  • Distributed messages have been tweaked to achieve optimial throughput.


  • Added methods to the API + JavaScript and Java drivers to make it easier and faster to perform bulk deletions.
  • Deletions collections are now automatically deleted when branches are archived and recreated when branches are unarchived.

Java Driver

  • Added methods to move nodes and resolve paths.
  • Added methods for bulk deletion of nodes.

JavaScript Driver

  • Added methods to move nodes and asynchronously purge deletions.


  • The user interface for inspecting active and historical jobs has been improved. It’s now faster and also provides an entirely new set of filters to let you quickly find jobs by ID, type, date, state and custom query terms. A number of quick config buttons are also available to let you focus on publishing-specific jobs or hide document indexing jobs. Action links are provided per job to things easier to work with.


  • The user interface for inspecting log entries has been improved. Similar to the Jobs page improvements, the Logs page filter has been moved to the top.


Relator Properties


  • Added a fallback during transfer storage side copy of attachments in case one or more binaries cannot be found so that they’ll be manually copied one at a time. This is to accommodate cases where customers might have very old binaries sitting in GridFS (and not migrated out to S3).

User Interface

  • Removed the Reindex Project Data Stores button from the Project Tools page. This functionality is now only available via the CLI.
  • The Content page now sorts content types by title (with a fallback to QName).
  • When deleting content, a loading modal is used during pre-deletion to handle the case where very large sets of content may be deleted in bulk.

Bug Fixes

Binary Storage

  • Fix so that the S3GridFS storage provider properly provisions a disk directory with a storage prefix (as opposed to separate mounts).
  • Fix so that wrapped binary storage providers attempt a manual copy for transfer of assets thata re not in primary storage provider.


  • Fix so that file names are URL escaped on download to prevent header special characters (like ;) in filename from interfering with response.

Graph QL

  • Fix so that GraphQL returns proper results for specific cases where deeply nested queries introduced concurrent modification errors.


  • Fix so that API call to retrieve translations supports pagination as intended.
  • Fix so that an extra update call is no longer made when executing the Make Multilingual action.


  • Fix so that decommissioned jobs (due to host server not being in service) are automatically reschedueld without an increment to the number of attempts, preventing failed retries due to max attempts being exceeded.
  • Fix so that jobs in the AWAIT state cannot be prematurely restarted by the Job Watchman thread when depedency jobs transition into a completion state.

Node Retrieval

  • Fix so that access control checks run faster and perform as intended when executing bulk retrieval of nodes.


  • Fix so that copy attachments iterates properly over the source attachment set.
  • Fix so that the copy of resources within S3 allows for silent failure (with logging to the API only) so as to permit the operation to continue unabated.

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