Cloud CMS Release 3.2.75

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.75 release.


This release is hardened against CVE-2021-44228. For more information on CVE-2021-44228, please visit:

Upgrade Considerations

Please review the upgrade considerations provided here:



Branch Repair

  • Enhanced the “Branch Repair” function to support validation of relators. This function can be invoked via the CLI to check on the health of a branch at any time. A repair switch allows you to have Cloud CMS automatically fix up any issues that it finds. For more information, see

Elastic Search

  • Updated the default settings applied to new Elastic Search indexes ("index.mapping.nested_fields.limit": 100, "index.mapping.nested_objects.limit": 20000).


  • Faster GraphQL implementation that takes advantage of updated internal libraries and improved caching.

Job Service


  • Internal improvements to how Log4j2 Appenders store state when running asynchronously to allow for faster logging with less CPU utilization.


  • Faster imports and exports that have significant performance impacts for publishing, deployment, copying, project creation and archiving.
  • Reduced memory footprint and CPU utilization.
  • All exports from version 3.2.75 onward use Transfer Schema v3. To import these archives, you will need to be running Cloud CMS 3.2.75 or beyond. Backward compatible with archives generated from earlier versions of Cloud CMS. See upgrade notes on Transfer Schema v3 here:

User Interface

  • When forms are edited using a selected form, the form preference is stored using a _formKey property on the node. When editing the node afterwards, the previously used form is auto-selected.


  • Improvements to the node listVersions API call to provide more metadata and a more accurate accounting of precisely which versions are on which branch and which versions merged or forked from which other versions. The user interface has also been improved to reflect this information, providing for an even better experience when working with versions of content.

Bug Fixes


  • Fix so that ActiveMQ sessions are re-established with each batch of new messages to account for case where ActiveMQ session could be flushed and/or closed by the remote receiver.


  • Fix so that distributed messages coordinate the release of the message lock more accurately. In previous releases, it was possible in an edge case for the lock to get released before the final response was received.


  • Fix so that the selectedBranchIds parameter works as intended when invoked directly via the REST API.
  • Fix so that exports work more efficiently for cases where a snapshot branch is being exported.
  • Fix so that importing a node with attachment properties (i.e. _attachment is specified) works as intended.
  • Fix a potential file handle leak that could occasionally occur while importing binary attachments.

User Interface

  • Fix so that HTML escaping for field helper messages is applied correctly.
  • Fix so that Content Types list filters correctly for all cases.

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