Cloud CMS Release 3.2.74

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for the Cloud CMS 3.2.74 release.


This release is hardened against CVE-2021-44228. For more information on CVE-2021-44228, please visit:

Upgrade Considerations

Please review the upgrade considerations provided here:

New Features

General Support for AWS OpenSearch 7.x

General Support for ElasticSearch 7.x

General Support for MongoDB 4.x

For supported stack information, see:


Job Queue

  • The Job Reaper thread is now enabled by default with a configuration that enables it to clean up older job records more promptly.


  • Request logging context now includes body (for JSON payloads). This information is automatically logged to the default rolling file appender and is also applied to Kinesis, Cloud Watch and other configured appenders.


  • Reduced the number of cache writes that occur when retrieving nodes or roles so as to improve overall API throughput.
  • Improved cache speed by streamlining some unneeded initializers and event listening subsystems.
  • Faster localization of nodes via the API.

Bug Fixes

Binary Storage

  • Fix so that cleanup logic on Caching Binary storage system runs within a try/catch to handle cases where files may fail to write to back end provider.


  • Fix so that cluster branch initialization works more efficiently for cases where containers come online and multiple threads may contend for first access to a branch.


  • Fix so that adhoc creation of MongoDB indexes strictly uses background mode for legacy, older databases.
  • Fix so that includes and excludes arrays properly parse when making a repair indexes call.

  • Fix so that pagination defaults and maximums are always applied and enforced for cases where branch-level node queries pull back a constrained subset of fields.


  • Fix so that exported nodes that have an incorrectly identified changeset will auto-correct and export for the correct changeset.

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