Easy and Powerful Editing

Empower your team to try out new ideas, take chances and make impactful contributions.

Work together as One Team to seamlessly schedule and publish releases on-time.

Free up your editors to focus on your customers. Sidekick Assistants automate repetitive tasks so that your editors can orchestrate their final result.

Bring up Sidekick Assistants to engage in conversations about your content. Ask questions, glean insights and find answers about a single document, multiple documents or all of the documents in your branch!

Key Features

  • Edit, click and save

    As you edit, intuitive Rich-Text Forms automatically apply business logic rules behind the scenes. This includes Taxonomy Tags, I18N Translations and prepopulated, default values.

  • Tools to Assist the Editor

    Generate new content or extract meaning from existing content including full-text summaries, questions/answers, themes, tags, key points and more.

  • Insights

    Free up your editors to focus on the final, customer-facing product. Our Sidekick assistants let you converse about your content to glean insights, answer questions and provide opinions on what's contained inside.

Easy to Edit Content

It's super easy to edit content for your web site, mobile applications, print catalogs, product inventory systems and more. Our Rich-Text, Word-like editing facilities make editing fun and as simple as writing on a piece of paper.

  • Write with Confidence

    Our Rich-Text forms intuitively capture and track your changes. Instantly preview those changes on your live web site. Share your creations with peers working remotely, at home or anywhere in the world.

  • Cherry Pick from the Best Ideas

    Find the best contributions from your peers and visually pull them into your final, quality deliverable. Track activities, assign tasks and collaborate together as one team working at the speed of thought. Gitana automatically integrates text analysis, image recognition and more.

  • Inspire your Audience

    Build amazing content and schedule it for publishing at the time of your choosing. Schedule multiple releases of content and publish it faster than every before. Prebuilt integrations let you route content to CDNs, S3, and more.

Content entry templates make it easy to contribute and publish content
Content entry templates make it easy to contribute and publish content

Track Changes

Every create, update or delete to a piece of content is tracked and versioned so that editorial users have full access to its history. Track Changes lets you visually see those differences within the editorial experience, identifying who made what change at what time.

  • History in the Making

    Gitana captures every modification to your content items and allows your editorial users to easily view and work with that history. Cherry pick ideas from the past or revert content back to a previous state.

  • Visual Track Changes

    Changes to a content item are also visually represented within the editorial experience, allowing editors to see what changes were made inline with their content.

  • Visual Compare

    Select any two content items within Gitana to visually compare them. See inline changes side-by-side or dig down into a Git-like, visual JSON comparison.

Track changes by multiple editors to see how a document has changed over time
Track changes by multiple editors to see how a document has changed over time

Just click save and walk away

Wire in your own web hooks, server-side scripting and other important custom logic that executes on an event-driven basis to keep your data clean, consistent and normalized with every save. Editors can focus on creating content and business.

  • Actions, Scripts and Custom Logic

    The data engine provides a prebuilt library of actions to do things like Send Emails, Call out to HTTP web hooks, compose using Generative AI functions and execute server-side scripts.

  • Rules

    Wrap your actions and custom logic into conditional rules that evaluate their runtime context ahead of execution, letting them automatically execute as needed.

  • Event Policies

    Bind your logic into a wide array of lifecycle event policies, such as when a content item is created, updated or deleted. Connect to policies for content nodes, associations, attachments, branches, deployment, publishing, projects and more!

Setup Rules and Actions
Setup Rules and Actions

Parallel Content Changes

Gitana computes differences on the fly for content items as well as individual properties. Content is worked on in branches that allow you to fork, merge and difference entire sets of changes all at once. Merge changes to publish and go live!

  • Content and Properties

    Gitana tracks every change to your content as well as to all of your individual properties. Dig into the lifecycle of individual properties to see who made what modifications at what time.

  • Work in Private Spaces

    Editors create their own branches to avoid stepping on each other's toes and get things done. Once they've got something, they merge those approved changes back to the mainline. Our Git-like version control lets you fork, merge and revert changes easily.

  • Everything Changes

    With Gitana, everything is about the contributions of your teams. Those contributions snap together into a scheduled release that is approved, goes live and publishes out at a specific time.

Curate content in a branch then merge back to the Master branch
Curate content in a branch then merge back to the Master branch

Scheduled Publishing

Snap together your editorial contributions into a scheduled Release. Lock in a date and Gitana will automatically detect any potential conflicts with other scheduled Releases ahead and after your own. We make it easy to reconcile those conflicts so that your published content is always consistent.

  • Scheduled Releases

    A scheduled release describes a future, locked in state of your content. Simply lock it in, walk away and rest assured that your content will go live on time.

  • Hot Fixes

    Even with a locked-in schedule, you will at times need to quickly push a hot fix. Gitana lets you slot in a hot fix and discover any potential conflicting properties or content items that might be impacted in future releases after the hot fix.

  • The Big Event

    When a scheduled Release goes live, it merges and triggers a series of events. These include sending emails, trigger Slack notifications and publishing to remote endpoints such as CDNs, S3 or other Gitana installations around the world.

Schedule current releases of your content for future dates
Schedule current releases of your content for future dates

For what you're looking... Find.

Search for content using full-text search or a structured query to find content by simple keywords, expressions or fuzzy matches. Find content within your branch, multiple branches and even multiple projects using a federated project search.

  • Find Anything

    Everything you drop into Gitana is searchable. Text is extracted from your files including PDFs, image files and more. Search for content using simple keywords or using our search filters user interface for more advanced queries.

  • Saved Searches

    Save your searches so that you can quickly click back to them and find the same content. Saved Searches let you define interesting layouts (fields and columns). They also let you export results to CSV, Microsoft Excel or a ZIP file.

  • Across Branches and Projects

    Why stop there? You can executed searches (and Saved Searches) across a single branch, multiple branches or all of your branches! You can also run them against multiple projects or all of your branches!

Full-text Search with Saved Searches, filtering and exports to Excel, CSV and ZIP
Full-text Search with Saved Searches, filtering and exports to Excel, CSV and ZIP

Work together as One Team

Collaborate with your peers anywhere in the world. The Gitana Workflow Engine lets you define approval flows that fit your organization's needs. Our insight tools let you see the flow of content production and identify potential bottlenecks for a pending go-live release.

  • Task-based Content Editing

    Editors receive emails to notify them that a task has arrived in their inbox. Gitana brings everything together within its user interface, letting editors work on content and sign off on tasks in one fell swoop.

  • Business Process Management

    Define your workflows using a true BPM approach. Keep your workflows simple or add complexity using pooled tasks, path forks and merges, decision tasks and a wide array of event handlers.

  • Integrated Services

    A large library of prebuilt event handlers are provided that allow your workflows to automatically send emails, connect to web hooks, send notifications, extract content for routed documents and much more.

Report of active workflows
Report of active workflows

Editorial Tasks

Empower your team to try out new ideas and write great content in isolated draft spaces. And then, bring everything together to release to production.

  • Draft Spaces

    Quickly launch spaces where individuals or groups can work on draft changes to new and existing content. No more stepping on each other's toes. Curate and gather the very best ideas.

  • Preview and Cherry Pick

    Instantly preview changes to see how they would look on the live site. View differences between workspaces with visual side-by-side compare. Cherry pick the best ideas, pushing and pulling them between spaces.

  • Approve and Publish

    Configure workflows so that submitted changes route to different team members for approval, merging and publishing. Track workflow tasks to identify bottlenecks and efficiency improvements.

Tasks assigned to you and your team
Tasks assigned to you and your team

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