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Chat GPT and Cloud CMS

Lately, the the new development taking the tech world and media by storm is Chat GPT - an incredible new chatbot from Open AI which is capable of producing clear and well worded text of all kinds, from instructions to build a treehouse to poems written from the perspective of a pirate. While not perfect, the potential of this technology is immense, and got us to thinking, how might an AI of this calibur be applied to the future of content management?

As it turns out, the training process for Open AI's models comprehensively scraped sites across the internet, and this included our own well indexed documentation for both Cloud CMS and our forms engine, Alpaca JS. This meant that Chat GPT had an understanding of and was able to provide explanations and answer questions about all sorts of Cloud CMS concepts, although sometimes with some small inaccuracies. It can even generate code samples, take this example custom field extension that it was able to generate:


What got us particulary excited was the ability that the bot had to take English descriptions of content models, and convert it into usable JSON. Take this example we generated for a content model of a car:


The possiblities of this seem incredible! The idea that one could write plain English descriptions of a content model, and receive a usable encoded JSON schema once would not even be considered a possibility, but now seems at our fingertips. So, we decided to mock up an extension to our UI which would allow for content models to be generated by Open AI's text completion API, which could then be sent right into the Cloud CMS UI for immediate editing and use.






All of this from just a description! There is still a long way for this to go, as depending on how the input text is formatted and written, the output can vary and be inaccurate and thus unusable. But this technology is constantly improving by leaps and bounds, and a new GPT-4 powering the next generation of these chat bots seems to be on the near horizon which promises even more vast advancements over the currently used GPT-3.

Regardless, here at Cloud CMS we are very excited to see where this will go and what wild and crazy things we and our customers will be able to build with these AI tools. We will be looking soon to implement text completion as a new External Service Integration as a way to get AI insights based on fields in your content, so stay tuned!