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Download Version 1.0.3 of the Cloud CMS Java Driver

The Cloud CMS team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the 1.0.3 version of the Gitana Java Driver for Cloud CMS.

Java Driver for Cloud CMS

The Gitana Java Driver is a Java library that you can include with your Java applications to take advantage of a programmatic way of interacting with the Cloud CMS server. It makes it easier for developers to utilize Cloud CMS functionality without having to manually handle calls against HTTP/REST, data serialization and event handling.

The Gitana Java Driver is ideally installed via Maven. A public Cloud CMS maven repository is available for installing the driver:

The Gitana Java Driver can be used within standalone Java apps, Spring applications or any other J2EE runtime. It can also be used within Android to power mobile apps.

What is Cloud CMS?

Cloud CMS is a cloud platform as a service for managing all of your business content - from formal business content like articles and news items to social content and interaction data coming from your applications. Cloud CMS puts all of your data into an innovative, high performance and scalable repository and gives your business powerful tools for collaboration, branching, merging and working with content with a secure and robust tools.

To learn more about Cloud CMS, please visit:

Release Highlights

This release includes a number of highlights, including bug fixes and new features, which are worth mentioning. A few of the more important elements are shown below. For an itemized list of code level changes, please check the commit history.

  • Separation of methods for applying and updating features and changing node types
  • Additional methods to support server-side updates to clients and authentication grants
  • Improved support for OAuth2 refresh tokens
  • Updates to the latest Jackson 2 libraries and Google OAuth2 driver code
  • Added load tests (multi-threaded runners) for concurrency testing
  • Added identity policy support (new feature in Cloud CMS)
  • Added partial tree generation support (new feature in Cloud CMS)

We encourage our community to upgrade to this new release of the Gitana Java driver. We encourage everyone to submit issues, pull requests or post questions to our forums at

To learn more about the Gitana Java Driver, please visit our open-source GitHub repository at