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Adaptive Content in Practice - a Hands On Session!

We’re really excited at Cloud CMS to be able to attend and present at CMS Expo on May 15.  Michael Uzquiano from Cloud CMS will be giving a talk on Adaptive Content in Practice.

This will be a hands-on session aimed at content strategists and business types who want to gain a better understanding of what adaptive content is all about in practice.  The session will involve walking through the implementation of content-oriented web and mobile sites that reuse and repurpose well-structured content with rich metadata.

We’re hoping to keep things light and fun without getting too heavy into the technical details.  That said, we want to show how it really does all work and so we’ll dive into:

  • Content modeling
  • Content properties, types, validation and constraints
  • Forms
  • jQuery Mobile Framework
  • Cloud Deployment and Content Delivery

Adaptive Content is a term that was popularized by Karen McGrane in her book Content Strategy for Mobile.  It’s a term that encapsulates structured content, metadata and, in our view, decoupled delivery.  

When put into practice, an adaptive content approach offers your organization the promise of delivering better end-user experiences more quickly and with less cost by:

  • Building content for re-use with rich metadata
  • Leveraging automation for decoupled deployment
  • Empowering the device to make decision on how to render

CMS Expo is a wonderful event that brings open-source and proprietary vendors together to collaborate around innovations in content technology, content strategy, the cloud and mobile/web frameworks.

We’re excited to be a part of it and encourage everyone to attend our session!