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Customizing the Cloud CMS User Interface

Cloud CMS is incredibly powerful and feature rich. This is great except that in exposing all the powerful features the UI can easily appear cluttered and difficult to use.

We recently added the ability to customize the UI to declutter, simplify, and make more familiar.


The UI has been simplified to make navigation easier. The number of left-hand menu options has decreased because of the new “Manage Platform” and “Manage Project” sections. These two new sections have moved all of the administrative and developer links into a separate place. This has allowed for the UI navigation to become much simpler for editorial teams because the set of menu items is much smaller, making items easier to find.


Default Document View

Updated Document Menu Settings

Updated Document View


A new feature of Cloud CMS are the platform and project level dashboards. Through a drag-and-drop feature, administrators and users are able to configure their tools and views. Users have the ability to customize layouts and decide the particular dashlets wanted of their home page. Administrators decide the levels of customization users are allowed to have, with their ability to lock things down as necessary on a per-project basis.

Platform Dashboard layout

Any questions?

I hope this article encourages you to further explore the many features of Cloud CMS. If you have a question, or cannot find a feature you are looking for, or have a suggestion - please Contact Us.