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Cloud CMS - Image Cropping and Resizing Features

Lets face it – CMS editors just want to do their job and not spend too long in the tools.

Recently we added a feature to allow Content editors to do image cropping within the Cloud CMS User Interface rather than having to do this outside Cloud CMS and re-upload the image. This is a simple powerful feature which will save the content editor many clicks and minutes.

The image editing tool allows for:

  1. reversing an image, and rotating an image
  2. cropping the image
  3. saving and reverting back to the original

Try this feature out yourself:

If you haven’t already done so register for a Cloud CMS Trial. Included in the Cloud CMS Trial there is a sample site where you can manipulate images. For example:

  • go to Sample Project
  • click Content (left Nav) – this may take a couple of seconds for the content to appear


  • click on Dean Martin
  • click Editor (left Nav) 


Now you can experiment with the editor features.

Further enhancements

There will be an update to the image editing tool in the coming weeks which will have the following additional functionality:

  1. shows pixel sizes
  2. resize image
  3. Templates for common set of crops for commonly used sizes


Any questions?

I hope this article encourages you to further explore the many features of Cloud CMS. If you have a question, or cannot find a feature you are looking for, or have a suggestion - please Contact Us.