Cloud Connected

Thoughts and Ideas from the Gitana Development Team

Build your prototype website in 10 easy steps

Getting started with Cloud CMS for a website takes minimal setup:

  1. Fork a copy of
    1. Note the URL of your repo; you’ll need this later…

  2. Login to your tenant or signup for a trial of Cloud CMS
  3. When prompted upon login
    1. create a Web Content Management starter project

  4. From the resulting Project Dashboard
    1. navigate to “Applications” in Manage Project 
  5. Select “Sample Web Application” > Deployments
    1. Tick the radio button on the right
    2. Navigate to Selected > Undeploy (upper right)

  6. Select “Source”
    1. Set “URL of Repository” to your forked version (from Step #1)
    2. Keep Base Path set to /sample-website
    3. “Update” to save new settings

  7. Select “Deployments” again
    1. Tick the radio button on the right
    2. Navigate to Selected > Deploy (upper right)

  8. Click on one of the URLs listed to view your site
  9. Choose either the Product Catalog or City Guide sample

  10. Review, reverse engineer, and otherwise hack away at the
    1. Type Definitions and instances; add you own items
      1. Using the left nav toolbar
      2. Select Content > Content Products > Create Content (for example)

    2. Dust templates, under /sample-website/public/templates
      1. Easily implemented with our query helper
      2. Done with standard DustJS syntax

It’s a great end-to-end reference site, showing all key components of Cloud CMS in action.  For other framework examples or questions, just give us a shout!