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Finding sanity by losing your head

There was a lot of chatter last year regarding a “headless” or “decoupled” CMS design.  Zeitgeist, maybe… countermovement, definitely.

Since their inception, every expansion of content management software along the continuum from managing basic websites to full-on digital experiences drove CMSes further and further into the application’s presentation tier.

In parallel, we witnessed the maturity of frameworks such as Angular, Ember, and Ionic (just to name a few) - all pushing development out to the browser tier itself, and each one clashing with the template-driven approach ordained by any underlying CMS.

As a result, it’s become fashionable to lose one’s head.

Monolithic CMS vendors are now re-engineering their approach.  Varying levels of RESTful calls are surfacing to placate the JavaScript hungry masses.  Naturally, this journey carries risks - enough that companies keen to succeed are exploring alternatives.

And finding that an API-first solution makes for a more natural fit.

By definition, API-first is headless.  Nothing needs to be “decoupled”, but rather a pure CMS service is made available that blends naturally with your selected framework, whether for a:

  • Static site
  • JS Application
  • Single-page app
  • Mobile app

or a combination of the above.  Need proof, easy.  Just review our SDK packages, or better yet - sign up for a Free Trial.