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Thoughts and Ideas from the Gitana Development Team

Comparison: Cloud CMS vs DIY

Not sure whether to build or buy? Review these points to help guide your selection.

Why DIY:

  • exact fit with your technology stack
  • use existing in-house skills and resources
    • build only the features you need
    • able to add new features as required
    • use existing developers for support
  • cost / budget - internal
    • no need for external services to deliver and support product
  • can be a ‘skunk works’ project

Why not DIY:

  • Risk (more complex than it looks)
    • time/effort/cost are all easy to under-estimate
    • CMS requirements can be extensive
      • what happens if it can’t be built in a timely manner?
      • distraction from core business
  • must maintain skills and in-house knowledge
    • to support, upgrade, and enhance
  • may have technical skills but unlikely to have CMS product experience

Why Cloud CMS:

  • Minimizes risk
    • exists today with the features you need
    • already built (many years of blood, sweat, and tears)
    • if you require a new feature talk to us…
    • discovered and conquered many development hurdles
  • fits with your stack
    • scalable and elastic
    • allows you to concentrate on your business now and in the future
  • lower financial risks with a SaaS model
    • Proven TTV
  • This is our business: we are the experts