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Thoughts and Ideas from the Gitana Development Team

Comparison: Cloud CMS vs Contentful

Looking for the best CMS online? Review these points to help guide your headless CMS selection.


Cloud CMS


Ease of Use

Implements a role-based UI to accommodate various functions.

Simple user interface for defining content types and instances.


JSON schema with types and associations that you can continually evolve in-place.

Basic content model only, difficult to change once configured

Update Strategy

Documents are published individually, or as part of larger change sets.

Documents can only be published one-by-one.

Workflow Process

Flexible workflow capability.

Allows teams and roles to be created along with a workflow designer for defining content production process and constraints.

No online workflow capability.

API Access

Fully bidirectional, “API first” design

Fully bidirectional, “API first” design

Deployment Options

SaaS and / or On-Premise

(Docker images)

SaaS only

Security for Assets

Allows assets to be delivered via either CDN or Web API – with full security and auditing available.

Uses CDN for all static assets, requiring them to be publicly available. No auditing.

Pricing Factors

Based solely on your desired SLA

Pre-defined tiers with a fixed number of

  • Editors
  • Content entries
  • API calls / CDN hits